Home Demolition Chicago, IL

3 Reasons to Call BlueEarth for Deconstruction Services

1. We work with St. Charles, Illinois nonprofit organizations

During a standard home deconstruction job, BlueEarth Deconstruction can salvage over 85% of housing materials. We repurpose appliances, recycle housing materials such as lumber and more. Then, we donate building materials to Rebuilding Exchange and Habitat for Humanity on your behalf. Make an impact on the St. Charles community, and keep recyclable products out of landfills. Call 630-200-5889 to get started.

2. Your donated building materials are tax-deductible

By donating reusable materials instead of sending them to a landfill, deconstruction saves you money over ordinary demolition. You can write off the total value of your repurposed housing materials. Often, this amount covers the entire cost of home deconstruction. Furthermore, BlueEarth will:
  • Grade and seed your land – we manage excavation projects and prep lots for future construction.
  • Work efficiently – we’ll stick to your preferred deconstruction timeline.
  • Create less mess – we demolish homes piece by piece. This enables us to save more housing materials.

3. Our demolition services provide jobs for locals

Deconstruction typically requires seven times as many workers as the average demolition job. As a result, BlueEarth can employ St. Charles, Illinois locals. We take pride in our team of highly trained professionals. Contact us for more information about our approach for home demolition in St. Charles and Chicago, Illinois.