Welcome to BLUEEARTH DECONSTRUCTION. Providing the simplest and most comprehensive deconstruction services in St. Charles and Chicago, Illinois that are both budget and Eco-friendly. One project at a time, our goal is to shift the way our industry treats the natural resources used in construction throughout their full life circle. Few homeowners consider what happens to the old structure when getting ready to build or renovate, whether it's the entire house or a portion to be remodeled. It's easy to see the negative features of the existing structure rather than its value. By choosing deconstruction with BlueEarth Deconstruction / Deconstruction Chicago we can salvage up to 85% of your old house. We will reuse the building materials, prevent unnecessary waste from going to the landfill and help coordinate your tax credit. Today more people are choosing deconstruction and donation overdemolish and dump. Contact Us for a Fee Quote 630. 200. 5889 We will be happy to answer all your questions.

What is Deconstruction?

Deconstruction is the practical, sustainable and economical alternative to demolition. By hand deconstructing, opposed to using a bulldozer, BLUEEARTH DECONSTRUCTION, can salvage up to 85% of all the building components for reuse.

How does the Homeowner benefit?

The homeowner receives a tax donation for all the donated building materials salvaged by BlueEarth Deconstruction, in cooperation with the ReBuilding Exchange.
The materials include appliances, plumbing and electrical fixtures, lumber, doors, windows, hardwood flooring, carpeting, etc. The salvaged materials reduce the homeowners cost of disposal and the tax benefit reduces the overall cost. The value of recycled building materials donated can be substantial, and in some cases, enough to pay for the entire cost of deconstruction.

What is the process of deconstruction and donation?

There are several basic steps.

  1. Appraisal: The IRS requires materials in a home over $5,000 in value to have a third party independent appraisal of their value. BlueEarth
  2. Deconstruction / Deconstruction Chicago will send you a list of independent appraisers who are qualified and have appraised the value of materials for our former donors.
  3. Deconstruct: You will then hire Blue Earth Deconstruction, to deconstruct your house and deliver all salvaged materials to the ReBuilding Exchange.
  4. Tax benefit: The ReBuilding Exchange prepares complete inventories on the materials salvaged and sends them to your appraiser. The appraiser then prepares IRS form 8283 with the final value of the materials listed on the form and sends it to you with a full appraisal report. You attach the IRS form 8283 to your 1040 when you file.
  5. Make money: 91% of BlueEarth Homes make or save money in the process.

Where do materials go?

All materials are delivered to local reuse building centers and warehouses across the country. They are then either sold to the general public, shipped to low income markets in foreign counties, or donated to other non-profit agencies.

How long does it take?

Typically, between 700 and 1,000 square feet per week is deconstructed.

Does BlueEarth do renovations?

Yes. Whether it is a whole house or a portion to be remodeled, you can benefit from deconstruction.

Additional Questions?

Contact us at 630. 200. 5889